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Child Protection / Safeguarding Children
Certificate in Safeguarding Children From Sexual Abuse And Exploitation Level 3

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Safeguarding Children From Sexual Abuse And Exploitation Level 3
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Course Modules

  1. Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation - The Facts
  2. Spotting The Signs And Taking Action

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Evidence of achievement

BYTSYZ e-Learning Certificate of achievement and student transcript.

This BYTSYZ online course is suitable for

All workers in any agency accessed by children, young people and/or their parents and families, practitioners across all sectors, care and support workers and their managers, those working on the paid and voluntary sectors.

Course Description

Child sexual abuse and exploitation are forms of child abuse, with a child being defined as anybody less than eighteen years of age. It is complex and can show itself in many different ways.

Child sexual abuse and exploitation can be inflicted by individuals from all areas of society and can be targeted at boys, girls, older and younger children. These can come from stable and well-off homes as well as from less-advantaged backgrounds, in both urban and rural communities.

The vast majority of children grow up safe from harm. The Barnardo's report, 'Puppet on a string: The urgent need to cut children free from sexual exploitation', published in January 2011, emphasised that children are being sexually exploited and that this appalling form of child abuse is more prevalent than most people imagine.

The report called for a national action plan to tackle child sexual exploitation. The recent abundance of high profile cases have highlighted the need for:

  • effective joint working between groups, communities and agencies
  • early intervention
  • increased awareness amongst young people in regard to the risks and so improve their resilience when finding themselves in such situations
  • all those who come into contact with children to be aware of the possible signs of child sexual exploitation and to know what to do if they suspect that a child is being sexually exploited or being groomed for sexual exploitation.

This course focuses on many of these issues and provides an in-depth examination of the child protection and safeguarding issues arising from child sexual abuse and exploitation. It focuses specifically on areas such as the:

  • definition of child sexual abuse and exploitation
  • key issues linked to child sexual abuse and exploitation
  • principles related to human trafficking, including missing children and grooming
  • relevant legislation
  • responsibilities of the key agencies
  • age-appropriate sexual knowledge and behaviours of children
  • indicators that highlight the possibility of child sexual abuse and exploitation
  • impact of child sexual abuse and exploitation on the child
  • prevention of child sexual abuse
  • management of the situation of disclosure.

This comprehensive and detailed course is designed to greatly extend the knowledge base of those working with and caring for children who are at risk of sexual abuse or exploitation. Through a detailed exploration of the issues, we hope to help drive up the standards of care and support for these children at greatest risk.

BYTSYZ encourages the participation of line managers in the learning process.

Completing this course can contribute to Care Certificate Standard 11

Course Objectives

  1. Describe the key issues linked to child sex abuse and exploitation
  2. Explain the key principles linked to human trafficking, the grooming process and missing children
  3. Discuss the relevant legislation relating to child sex abuse and exploitation
  4. Describe the responsibilities of key agencies involved in helping children that are being, or at risk of being, sexually abused or exploited
  5. Define child sexual abuse and exploitation and use knowledge of the age appropriate sexual knowledge and behaviours of children to recognise the indicators of and potential for child sexual abuse and exploitation
  6. Discuss the impact of child sexual abuse and exploitation on the child
  7. Know how to prevent child sexual abuse and manage the situation of disclosure

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KIM from Bristol (08-07-2013)
This is my 2nd course with BYTSYZ and I have found them invaluable, I have used the courses to further my career and it has, I will be returning to study a 3rd time.
The contact centre staff have always been very helpful and have answered all of my questions.

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