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Health and Social Care Mandatory Training
Certificate in Promoting And Managing Continence Level 3

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Promoting And Managing Continence Level 3
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Course Modules

  1. About Incontinence
  2. Promoting And Managing Urinary Continence
  3. Promoting And Managing Faecal Continence

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Average study time

5 hours 08 minutes
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Evidence of achievement

BYTSYZ e-Learning Certificate of achievement and student transcript.

This BYTSYZ online course is suitable for

This course is designed to raise awareness and educate those who care for and support people with incontinence, including:

  • health and social care professionals and practitioners
  • senior carers
  • carers
  • care managers
  • key workers
  • family carers
  • health and social care support workers
  • domiciliary care workers
  • anyone involved in caring for those who are at risk of or suffer from a incontinence
  • those working within the paid and voluntary sectors.
  • All health and social care practitioners looking for an appropriate CPD course related to continence management.

Course Description

Incontinence is a term that describes any accidental or involuntary loss of urine from the bladder (urinary incontinence) or bowel motion, faeces or wind from the bowel (faecal or bowel incontinence).

Incontinence is a widespread condition that ranges in severity from 'just a small leak' to complete loss of bladder or bowel control. Incontinence can be treated and managed. In many cases it can also be cured.

Being aware of an individual’s incontinence issues is one thing. To know how to actively promote their continence and make a huge difference to their quality of life is something completely different.

Many elderly people living in care establishments, are likely to have some degree of incontinence or dysfunction. Incontinence in this setting should never be viewed as inevitable. In the first instance, with good management it may be preventable. Incontinence is usually a symptom of underlying problems, which with simple assessment and investigation, can be identified and treated. Even when a cure is not achievable, optimum methods of management can produce 'social continence', alleviate embarrassment of preserve a person's dignity.

Incontinence should never be considered as an inevitable part of growing old. There is usually some underlying reason why and elderly person develops incontinence. Practitioners should use assessment to identify these underlying reasons and then develop a care and treatment programme to at best cure or improve the situation and at worst, prevent any further deterioration.

This course is designed to enable health and social care practitioners:

  • Module One – About Incontinence: explores the broad issues around incontinence, its related physical, psychological and social problems and its causes
  • Module Two - Promoting And Managing Urinary Continence: focuses on the importance of supporting urinary continence through assessment and person-focussed care and treatments
  • Module 3 – Promoting And Managing Faecal Continence: focuses on the importance of supporting faecal continence through assessment and person-focussed care and treatments.

This comprehensive and detailed course is designed to greatly extend the knowledge base of those working within the demanding area of continence promotion. Through the detailed exploration of the principle aspects of the care and support required by those who suffer from the many varying types of incontinence, it will help to drive up care standards in this specialised area of care.

Course Objectives

  1. Explain the anatomy and physiology of continence and the nature of incontinence
  2. Identify the problems, risk factors and care principles related to incontinence and its management
  3. Explain the causes of urinary incontinence, how it manifests and the related complications
  4. Identify the key issues relating to the prevention and management of urinary incontinence
  5. Explain the causes of faecal incontinence, how it manifests and the related complications
  6. Identify the key issues relating to the prevention and management of faecal incontinence

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