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Health and Social Care Mandatory Training
Certificate in Dementia Awareness Level 2

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Dementia Awareness Level 2
(non-Endorsed, BYTSYZ e-Learning assessed and certificated)

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Course Modules

  1. Dementia: Causes and Treatment
  2. Dementia: The Physical and Psychological Problems

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Average study time

5 hours 16 minutes
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Evidence of achievement

BYTSYZ e-Learning Certificate of achievement and student transcript.

This BYTSYZ online course is suitable for

This course provides an overview of the main issues relating to dementia that are relative to individuals who either help support people with dementia or who live with dementia sufferers in the family setting. It has relevance to both paid and unpaid carers who support people with this condition.

Course Description

The key focus of the course is to raise awareness in order to create a greater understanding of the issues and problems related to dementia and dementia sufferers.

The course consists of two modules:

  • In the first module: the causes and symptoms of dementia are explored, followed by a focus on the range of treatments currently available for people with dementia.
  • The second module: explores the main problems, both physical and psychological, faced by dementia sufferers.

The content of this course relates to the Skills For Care Knowledge Set for Dementia and studying these modules will enable students to understand the:

  • Main causes of dementia
  • Symptoms and manifestations of the condition
  • Range of available treatments and approaches (both pharmacological and non- pharmacological)
  • Main problems faced by dementia sufferers, which may be physical, psychological or emotional.

This course is designed to raise awareness of the key issues of this very debilitating condition.

Completing this course can contribute to Care Certificate Standard 5 &9

Course Objectives

  1. Define dementia and explain the causes and symptoms
  2. Explain the range of treatments and approaches available for people with dementia
  3. Explain the main physical problems faced by people with dementia
  4. Explain the main psychological problems faced by people with dementia

Customer reviews about online course Certificate in Dementia Awareness Level 2 ...

ALISON from Manchester (09-06-2012)
Brilliant, clear Dementia Awareness Level 2 online course that helps understand dementia. Valuable for anyone who works with in the care industry. Highly recommended !

HELEN from Pembroke Dock (08-09-2011)
Thank you for a very interesting, well layed out and easy to follow Dementia Awareness Level 2 online course. I have already recomended BYTSYZ e-Learning to a few freinds and collegues and will most certainly be doing another course with you soon.

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