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Is online course and online training for me?

If you have access to the Internet at home, at a friend's or neighbours house, at your local library or UK Online Centre, you can study BYTSYZ e-Learning online course(s). The course(s) are split into bite-size chunks making studies easier.

BYTSYZ e-Learning does not only offer an alternative if face-to-face training is not availabe, but also the flexibility and privacy if you prefer to work through the course on your own rather than in a group situation.

Before deciding whether it is for you, see how many of the following statements you agree with:

  • I have an access to a computer and the Internet. It can be your home, your friend's house, your local library, an Internet cafe or at UK Online Centre
  • I am comfortable browsing the Internet
  • I am pretty good at managing my own time and I will be able to find time to complete the online course in my own time
  • I feel fairly happy working through the online course on my own with the BYTSYZ Help and Support if I need it
  • I am a fairly competent reader.

If the answer to all these statements is yes, then online studies could be for you! All you have to do is to choose the online course that is right for you. We currently offer endorsed, non-Endorsed online courses, use the Course finder to navigate to the right course description.

Looking to register for an online course, visit the Book online course section.

If you are not sure about one or two of the statements, could a friend, neighbour or relative help?