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BYTSYZ E-Learning Advantages

BYTSYZ e-Learning, online courses, training and assessment. Advantages of e-Learning.

Training quality is achieved by introducing the element of formative assessment, a multiple choice questionnaire for every module within the course programme.

As a provider of e-Learning, BYTSYZ unveils the next generation of online training and assessment. Our Learning Management System (LMS) offers cost-effective, managed training without the need to leave the office.
This secure online service allows you to manage your employees' training, cut costs and save time - key members of your team remain in the office. BYTSYZ gives you a direct way to track the progress of the students and helps you to extend your training budget.
BYTSYZ Online Learning courses are written and designed by the course development team to meet the demands of the workplace. There are many courses, each one designed and tailored to meet your company's needs.

There are many reasons for choosing BYTSYZ e-Learning as your preferred choice for staff or personal development.

What are the advantages of the BYTSYZ e-Learning platform?

BYTSYZ specialises in providing a virtual learning and assessment platform - the Student Learning Zone. Here students can acquire new skills and knowledge or be updated with existing ones through the study of high-quality and focused online learning materials.

The BYTSYZ e-Learning platform is ideal for companies that have to deliver routine, high volume and even statutory training - this type of staff development in particular requires a uniform approach to ensure key messages are consistently delivered and important facts are learned.

Learning takes place online wherever there is a computer connected to the internet. Often this means that students do not even need to leave the work area. From an employer's perspective this means that there is no need to arrange expensive staff cover, nor are there the added costs of providing learning accommodation, transportation of staff or employing facilitators/trainers.

When logged into the BYTSYZ Student Learning Zone, a registered student can:

  • Undertake the BYTSYZ pre-course student induction programme
  • Access high-quality and focussed learning materials 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from any computer that is connected to the internet
  • Study at a time and for a duration that suits individual learning styles and requirements
  • Seek help and guidance from our Help and Support team
  • Access the assessment(s)
  • View information relating to the course