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MAURICE from Cambridge (10-03-2017)
I found the course very informative. I enjoyed the exercises given on certain pages. I would have liked more exercises as this made me think more about the contents that I was studying.
Being an online course it was handy that I could access it from my I-pad at any time, and study as much or as little in one session as time permitted. I definitely recommend doing the trial assessments several times before doing the final assessment, as this helped me with my confidence before completing the final assessment. Overall I found the course very interesting and would recommend this course to my colleagues.

VICTORIA from Scarborough (08-02-2017)
Very good course and lots of information provided.

CAROL from Isle Of Man (21-01-2017)
Excellent course, very impressed with it.
Thank you

RANI from Norwich, Norfolk (16-01-2017)
This is very helpful and good method of teaching.
Thank you very much for your support.

KEVIN from Addlestone (05-01-2017)
I used this course to update my team leader skills and learned a lot from it. Nicely put together and a joy to use.

MANDY from Andover (30-12-2016)
Excellent course materials. I have learnt a lot about areas I was not so clued up on such as radicalisation - I would recommend this course.

NICOLA from Wellingborough (04-12-2016)
Really liked the course. I've learnt a lot, thanks!

YVONNE from Rosewell Midlothian (25-11-2016)
A really good course. Plenty of time to do it. Value for money.

DANAI from Leicester (20-10-2016)
At first I was nervous to commence training with BYTSYZ but after I started and found out that help was readily available whenever I needed it, I became more confident and gave it a go.
The modules are very informative and easy to follow.
I would recommend friends who might also have the same fear I had to study with BYTSYZ and have the same help I experienced.
I am very grateful.

HENRY from London (11-10-2016)
Very good test. I love the way the assessment was in modules and the trial assessment was good.

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