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Bespoke E-Learning, online training courses

Do you have a specific staff development need? Do you

  • require a high volume of staff to be trained in a specific subject?
  • have to fulfil a regulatory or statutory requirement?
  • need round-the-clock staff access to the learning materials?
  • want to reduce the negative impact on your business of having large groups of staff being taken out for training? Potentially costly when tutor, venue and travel expenses have to be met whilst your business is sustained in the absence of staff

Through its team of professional educationalists (specialising in the development of high quality on-line learning and assessment materials), BYTSYZ is able to offer organisations a bespoke course development service. We can build an online course to meet your specific staff development needs. We are able to provide you with:

  • Hosting of the course on the BYTSYZ e-Learning platform in order to:
    • Give your employees 24 hour access to study at a time and place to meet their individual needs via the BYTSYZ Student Learning Zone
    • Give you total control and visibility of staff progression and achievement via the BYTSYZ Learning Management System (KManager), which we provide free of charge
    • Develop an assessment to support the online course to give you confidence that individuals have learned what is required.

Does this sound like the kind of solution you have been looking for?

Then contact us to discuss how we may be able to help.