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Award in Team Leading (endorsed) Level 3

Online course title, endorsement, level

Team Leading (endorsed) Level 3
(BYTSYZ e-Learning assessed, externally certificated)
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Guided Learning Hours (GLH)

30 hours

Average study time

16 hours 00 minutes
(this time does not in anyway suggest that you personally will complete the course in this time. Some individuals study faster then others so the study time differs from individual to individual.)

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Price per Course per Candidate

£60.00 + VAT

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Course Modules

  1. About Teams
  2. Developing Effective Teams
  3. Leading High Performance Teams
  4. Evaluating Team Performance

Training, assessment, certification and Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

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Assessment criterion based multiple choice questions with instant results.
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Evidence of achievement

At the end of this course successful learners will be awarded a certificate of achievement by Training Qualifications UK.

This endorsed BYTSYZ online course is suitable for

Team Leaders who want to develop and gain recognition for their key leadership skills but do not have the time or resources to attend face-to-face training sessions. This course takes a 'bite-sized' approach to gaining leadership skills and competence by focusing on core leadership competencies, including:

  • Effective communication
  • Managing performance
  • Developing people
  • Maximising personal effectiveness

This online course is designed specifically for anyone who is:

  • Looking to progress their career into team leading
  • New to the role of team leading and wishes to develop the skill-set and knowledge to carry out the role effectively
  • Currently practising as a team leader, bust wishes to further develop and enhance their skills
  • An experienced team leader, and is looking for continuous professional development that will support their role

The course will appeal to individuals from any occupational background, who have responsibility to lead and manage a team, including:

  • Team leaders
  • Team supervisors
  • Team managers
  • First line managers
  • Middle managers
  • Aspiring team leaders

Course Description

This online course, that is endorsed by Training Qualifications UK, is designed specifically for aspiring, junior or middle managers seeking to improve management and leadership skills to help them reach their full potential in the world of work. The course contains a useful mix of theory and practical explanation of concepts. The course will be of great benefit to anyone whose primary role is, or will be, to lead and manage a team. It explores the wide variety of skills required by effective team leaders, whilst providing a comprehensive knowledge-base of the roles, functions and responsibilities, coupled with the authority and accountability dimensions of the role.

The course is designed to build and broaden the skills and knowledge of team leading including practical techniques in motivating teams, planning and monitoring their work. This course can contribute towards the ILM Level 2 Award and Certificate and will equip team leaders to support and manage team members. Specifically the course will explore:

  • The structure and function of effective teams
  • The benefits of team-working
  • The importance, nature and difficulties of building an effective team
  • How to motivate a team
  • How to ensure 'buy in' from teams
  • How to direct and lead team direction
  • The key traits of an effective leader
  • The stages of developing effective leadership
  • The characteristics of an effective leader
  • The range of problems teams may face
  • Effective solutions to solve problems
  • Team performance evaluations

The course provides a detailed analysis of team leadership by focusing on:

  • The nature of teams
  • How to develop effective teams
  • The key traits of effective leadership
  • The importance of monitoring team performance evaluation

To further embed this new and often complex learning BYTSYZ has included a number of related exercises to encourage:

  • Liaison with managers and senior carers to engage with issues at the local level
  • The contextualisation of learning
  • Consolidation of learning

Completing this course can contribute to Care Certificate Standard 1

Course Objectives

  1. Explain the structure and function of effective teams
  2. Identify the benefits of team-working
  3. Discuss the importance, nature and difficulties of building an effective team
  4. Identify ways to motivate a team
  5. Explain how to ensure 'buy in' from teams
  6. Develop individual and team skills, knowledge and roles to enhance team direction and success
  7. Recognise the key traits of an effective leader
  8. Identify the stages of developing effective leadership
  9. Demonstrate the characteristics of an effective leader
  10. Identify the range of problems teams may face
  11. Utilise effective solutions to solve problems
  12. Evaluate team performance

Customer reviews about online course Award in Team Leading (endorsed) Level 3 ...

KEVIN from Addlestone (05-01-2017)
I used this course to update my team leader skills and learned a lot from it. Nicely put together and a joy to use.

KRZYSZTOF from Manchester (09-03-2015)

HAZIZA from Eastbourne (01-02-2015)
Great Team Leading (endorsed) Level 3 online course, very well balanced, interesting activities, challenging evaluations.

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