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Award in Managing Equality and Diversity in an Organisation (endorsed) Level 4

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Managing Equality and Diversity in an Organisation (endorsed) Level 4
(BYTSYZ e-Learning assessed, externally certificated)
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Guided Learning Hours (GLH)

20 hours

Average study time

6 hours 28 minutes
(this time does not in anyway suggest that you personally will complete the course in this time. Some individuals study faster then others so the study time differs from individual to individual.)

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Price per Course per Candidate

£60.00 + VAT

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Course Modules

  1. Promoting Organisational Culture
  2. Supporting Equality And Diversity Through Learning And Development
  3. Promoting Equality And Diversity Through Effective Management

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Evidence of achievement

At the end of this course successful learners will be awarded a certificate of achievement by Training Qualifications UK.

This endorsed BYTSYZ online course is suitable for

All managers having a responsibility to ensure that organisations and their employees uphold the equality of others and accept human diversity. This course, therefore, is relevant to all managers responsible for the actions of other staff.

This course of study will also be relevant to individuals who are aspiring to management positions and who want to learn about a managers responsibilities in ensuring staff accept the diversity of others and embrace equality as part of their daily work.

Course Description

This online course, that is endorsed by Training Qualifications UK, will prepare managers for the challenging task of managing equality and encouraging diversity through enabling others to understand the importance of their rights and responsibilities in relation to these concepts.

Managers will gain an understanding of how to manage people's perception and recognition of the values and beliefs that underpin human diversity and encouraging acceptance of the range of human characteristics that create such diversity. There will be an exploration of the impact of the negative views of human diversity and how these can lead to stereotyping and prejudice.

The course will examine the traits of discrimination enabling managers to differentiate between direct and indirect discrimination, harassment and victimisation and the impact they have on individuals. A key focus will be on promoting and ensuring anti-discriminatory practice whilst enabling workers to recognise and confront discriminatory practice in others.

There is an important examination of the Human Rights Act and Equality Act and the legislation that serves to maintain equality and ensure the acceptability of human diversity.

The course will explore in detail:

  • how to recognise and promote an organisational culture that supports and strengthens equality and diversity
  • the range of development activities necessary to embed a culture of equality and diversity acceptance
  • managers responsibility in ensuring the ongoing acceptance of equality and diversity.

Completing this course can contribute to Care Certificate Standards 4, 5 & 7

Course Objectives

  1. Identify the key drivers to promote equality and diversity practice
  2. Explore how beliefs, values and attitudes manifest in behaviour at work
  3. Explain the nature and traits of discriminatory behaviour, its effects and how it can be prevented
  4. Evaluate the importance and benefits of organisational and individual learning and development in supporting and promoting equality and diversity
  5. Explain the range of learning and development activities in supporting and promoting equality and diversity practice
  6. Explain and implement ethical management theory and principles to support and promote equality and diversity in the workplace
  7. Show how key equalities and discrimination legislation informs the management and policy requirements of equality and diversity

Customer reviews about online course Award in Managing Equality and Diversity in an Organisation (endorsed) Level 4 ...

GORDON from Cumbernauld (20-06-2016)
Excellent course that is well presented and laid out. Contains relevant and useful information, relevant to everyday working environments.

ALAN from Lincoln (09-06-2014)
The course content was easily assesible and was delivered in a very clear manner and the practice assessments were a great revision tool to ensure you were prepared before the final assessments. Good course and a totally enjoyable experience.

ALEXANDER from Swindon (18-05-2014)
User friendly, very easy to navigate, learning and assessment programmes, one of the best online learning programmes experienced to date.

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