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BYTSYZ e-Learning. About BYTSYZ e-Learning.

About BYTSYZ E-Learning

BYTSYZ e-Learning Ltd

BYTSYZ is a new concept in e-Learning and e-Assessment with our unique Student Learning Zone available to students 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

BYTSYZ understands that organisations need to access cost-effective and vocationally relevant learning packages targeted at specific business or regulatory requirements. With this in mind the BYTSYZ team consists of a number of teachers experienced in writing high quality learning materials, coupled with relevant vocational and industrial practice to develop our learning content.

BYTSYZ understands the pressures created by work-based learning and the constraints placed on students by traditional approaches to studying. As a result the BYTSYZ vocational online courses and assessment design model empowers our learners to:

  • Work at a pace that suits individual needs and circumstances
  • Study at a time that suits learning and personal circumstances
  • Undertake assessment only when they feel confident to do so
  • Receive immediate results following assessment to enhance student motivation
  • Obtain support from the BYTSYZ tutorial team

The BYTSYZ Concept

BYTSYZ is dedicated solely to enhancing student learning and assessment through online computer and Internet technology.

The main drivers for adopting this medium are to:

  • Provide a cost effective and flexible approach to learning and assessment
  • Enable 24 hours a day access to learning and assessment at any location in the world where the student can gain access to the Internet
  • Put the student totally in control of their own learning
  • Remove barriers to learning such as time and location
  • Allow learning in "BYTSYZ Chunks", in essence, the student does as much or as little as they want at any one time
  • Prepare the student for final assessment by working through trial assessment material
  • Give the student an immediate result following trial and final assessment

The BYTSYZ Mission

The BYTSYZ Mission is two-fold, namely, to meet the needs of:

Industry through the delivery of vocationally relevant and business focussed learning to ensure efficient and cost-effective work force development
Students through supported learning and assessment via the BYTSYZ Student Learning Zone, which is a managed e-Learning and e-Assessment platform

BYTSYZ will achieve it's Mission by providing

  • Online training courses which are flexible, challenging, enriching, enjoyable and rewarding
  • Vocational learning packages, pertinent to employment needs
  • Learning and assessment online through the BYTSYZ Student Learning Zone
  • A student support framework of dedicated tutors
  • High quality, cost effective and specific learning and assessment materials
  • Immediate results following assessment
  • Verification of certificate authenticity through the BYTSYZ View certificate portal
  • An employer interface for the registration and monitoring the activity and achievements of employees, as they study via the BYTSYZ "KManager" system.